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  1. L. W.

    Dear Ute, Many thanks for such a personalised and comprehensive response to my test.
    Your letter, recommendations/suggestions are very useful and will help me to consider new options.
    Your caring response will encourage me to take more time to heal myself, as well as others!
    Thank you Ute. Kind wishes, L.

  2. V. S.

    Dear Ute, I cannot describe how I am feeling in this moment! I am so happy that everything came back clear! Thank you very much for everything! You made a mother extremely happy!
    Thank you once again for such an amazing news!
    May God Bless you forever. Kind regards, V.

  3. L.D

    I’ve been so impressed by the quality and speed of service provided by Ute and her team, and can’t thank them enough.

    After what felt like an ongoing battle with my body, I feel I finally have some answers and was provided with a wealth of information that I can use going forwards. The level of detail in my report and communication throughout the process was even more than I expected, and I’m so glad I decided to go with this company.

    I would 100% recommend this service to others, an amazing service for a reasonable price!

    Thank you to Ute and the rest of the team.

  4. Jim

    Hi Ute, I wanted to thank you for the effort put into the report which we were surprised by (in a positive way) and we are considering this now with my mother. It is very much appreciated, you obviously take pride in your work 🙂
    Kind regards, Jim

  5. Karen P.

    Thank you so much Ute for the time and care you have shown me. The service you provide is exemplary. I did not get the results I was hoping for but you have taken your time to point me in other directions. It has been so much appreciated.

  6. Tim B.

    An excellent service provided by Ute and her team!
    The personal letter providing test results and guidance is a nice touch.
    It makes a change to deal with a Company that is conscientious and care about their clients.
    Once again many, many thanks!

  7. S. H.

    Thank you very much your service has been incredible. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that might be having this issue.

    Regards, S. H.

  8. Julia

    The testing service and feedback information I have received from Ute has been invaluable to me. She’s been incredibly supportive throughout my health journey and I really do appreciate all of the feedback and advice that she has given. I highly recommend the candida testing service and Ute in general.

  9. Mili

    I read lots of the comments before purchasing my tests, and I can say all the wonderful things said here were true. Ute has been incredibly kind and helpful (we’ve communicated via email many times). My test was delayed due to Royal mail strikes, but they gave me my results very quickly. These results showed things I suspected, and as I have a chronic illness with no diagnostic test, it was a relief to finally have *something* be a specific problem to be looked into. Unfortunately, NHS doctors don’t take these results seriously – do keep this in mind before purchasing. I will be looking for a private naturopath to help me with candida overgrowth, inflammation, leaky gut, etc. Without these tests I would have no way of knowing what underlying issues I have, and I wouldn’t be able to look for solutions. Thanks again, Ute!

  10. June

    Dear Ute, Thank you very much for your reply and the helpful explanations. On the contrary, it is most kind of you to take the trouble and time to be so interested in your clients! There can’t be many like you!
    ……………. I find your third paragraph particularly interesting in what you said about one having to be a bit careful when interpreting lab results and looking at the overall situation, treating humans not lab results! How true!!
    I will certainly let you know the end result. Thank you so much for being so interested …….
    With very best wishes, June

  11. Matthew M.

    They put great detail into my test results review and appeared genuinely interested in leading me to a diagnosis.

  12. Edward

    Dear Ute,
    Dear Ute, Thank you SO MUCH for this, you have gone above and beyond with your report and suggested actions. I wasn’t expecting such a helpful report with so much wise information in there, and all the time taken to personalise the findings, especially on a Saturday! I am beyond grateful.
    The mystery continues but I am very pleased to be able to rule these things out – so thank you!
    All the best, Ed

  13. Felicity

    I have been very impressed with the level of communication and care using your services, so thank you very much and I will be in touch!
    Kind regards, F.

  14. Vishal P.

    I am so glad I came across the website. It doesn’t have the same marketing and high end pricing as some other companies, but don’t let this put you off, as Ute truly cares more about patient outcome and wellbeing than financial gain, which is really very rare to find nowadays. Knowing this reassured me tenfold, having been “ripped off” by several other medical services for a similar issue. Although the test indicated no presence of Candida, which came as a disappointment due to all the symptoms I have, Ute explained why this may have been and what it could mean going forward. She did this in great detail, in her initial follow up letter explaining the results, as well as the attentive responses to the questions I had. She really does care and does not want you to waste money unnecessarily, and to find the best possible solution for your case. I would highly highly recommend her testing service for anyone suffering with suspected Candida symptoms, or even certain autoimmune issues linked to the gut microbiome.

  15. Kevin

    This service is excellent. The report and follow up information is comprehensive and helpful but most of all, the author of the letter, in my case Dr. Ute Marie Allison, was delivered with such warmth and with such care that it felt as if they knew me. Having used various services in the past, both NHS and private. I have to say that this was the best because of the above. I found out what I needed to know and plenty of information and advise to follow up on.
    Thank you

  16. June S.

    I left a comment after receiving my test results saying how pleased I was, but I’m going to add a further comment to say how fantastic both the service and Ute are. It is a great bonus to have someone so knowledgeable, highly qualified and so efficient responding to my questions! It makes a huge difference and I’m extremely grateful for her kindness, thoughtfulness and caring way in which the report and further responses were written. The detail is so important! Thank you very much for being so generous with your time and knowledge Ute! Very best wishes, June S.

  17. June S.

    Thank you so much Ute! Thank you for the service you provide and for suggesting various avenues to explore. It’s marvellous to be able to find such a variety of tests that can be done relatively easily and results returned with such efficiency. Your company must be unique and the tests well worth every penny! Even though I think it’s going to take a long time to sort out my problems, at least I can eliminate fungal infections thanks to the test and your expert advice on where I might be heading. I’m very grateful for everything you have done for me. Best wishes, June S.

  18. John S.

    Thank you Ute,

    Very informative letter really helped glad I am clear of it. Would highly recommend! Regards, John

  19. Mark

    Thanks agin Ute. Another detailed comprehensive report, with some good pointers, and answers to follow on questions. Keep up the great work. I am pleased some new types of tests have been added to your available website tests, giving even more choice for pin pointing specific hard to diagnose issues. Regards, Mark.

  20. Kate M

    Really pleased with the service & such a quick & efficient turnaround considering the lab is in Germany. The detailed, in depth letter that came with the results was extremely useful and fascinating to read. Ute also kept me updated throughout the process & kindly sent me additional documents which she thought I would find useful in answer to some of my questions. Thank you again.

  21. Georgia

    Extremely good service. Thank you Ute and the Candidatest team so very much for the detailed and personal report and valuable information that has been provided. A straight forward and clear process and I would highly recommend to anyone in need of these valuable services.

    Best wishes to all.

  22. Ann F.

    Thank you so much for the detailed report. There is a lot to read and advice given. I shall slowly read and take any action.

    What a wonderful service you offer.

  23. Julia

    Thank you so much for your support. The service has been fantastic- I’m very impressed. I will definitely do a recommendation-also feel free to use this as a quote.
    Many thanks, Julia

  24. K. M. K.

    Thank you very much for you greatly explained letter and all your work you have put in doing that test for me. Now I know I was wrongly directed by my dietician in regards to candida overgrowth and I must consult my doctor.
    Thank you for your work and have a lovely day. Best regards, K.

  25. Mrs Linda H.

    The most carefully explained letter in great detail was amazing on my results. Lots of help and advice. I was very very impressed by the response and very grateful as never had such a kind person taking so much time and effort explaining. Well worth it thank you.

  26. Geraldine

    First class service, with a clear explanation of the significance of results. Superb support and advice from Ute.
    Many thanks, Geraldine

  27. L. H.

    Dear Ute, I want to thank you most sincerely for such a comprehensive letter accompanying the test results and recommendations. I am so grateful for the in depth response and the care shown.
    In many ways I wish that the result had shown a major candida overgrowth because that seems like an easier thing to deal with than the other possibilities. However, with your advice, I have contacted someone for being tested for food intolerances and/or allergies and I have also booked to have a thyroid blood test, which is way overdue. …………………. Thank you again for such a caring approach, for the advice and recommendations and for such an all-round excellent service. I appreciate all of it so very much. With kindest regards, L.

  28. Ann K.

    I am very pleased with the exceptional service received from Ute. I totally agree with the comment below (from Richard) and would echo his sentiments.

    Thank you.

  29. Neil

    This is the second time I have used your laboratory and want to thank Ute and the team for the service provided. Nobody else gives the information, detailed report and recommendations that Candidatest does.
    Would highly recommend to anyone.

  30. Daška

    I highly recommend Candidatest.co.uk. Their customer service is so helpful and kind in giving you all the information and help needed. My results arrived quickly and with a detailed personal feedback. Just amazing! Thank you!

  31. Wendy A.

    Dear Ute,

    Thank you so much for your incredible service, it has been a great help to me. From start to finish my experience with your company has been absolutely top notch. Your very efficient and personal service is second to none and your detailed instructions on how to carry out the test in my home were straightforward and easy to understand.

    I was very pleased with the results and extremely comforted by your kind words in the accompanying letter.

    I was not at all disappointed to discover that I do not have Candida overgrowth. For the last year, following self diagnosis I had been on one anti-candida diet after another, using all the supplements each proponent recommended. Unfortunately my symptoms hadn’t really improved so now I know I can stop travelling in that direction and try something new.

  32. Damien

    I couldn’t recommend this service enough. In particular by providing such comprehensive explanation of test results and expert advice makes the service stand apart.
    I found Ute to be a kind, enthusiastic and ultimately very knowledgeable person. Her help and guidance has made a real difference to my health and wellbeing.

  33. Anna

    An excellent service, providing clear and concise results very quickly, thank you!

  34. Peter T.

    First class detailed and professional service.
    Not just in terms of the analysis itself but the accompanying advice on the way forward
    Highly recommended

  35. Andy

    Ute has been a great help, the results letter is detailed accurate and informative, she has been happy to answer any questions i have had, and there have been a good few, Before and after getting the test! The whole service has been very efficient and worth the money. Don’t hesitate!

  36. Rachel

    Really happy with this service. Very quick and easy to use, with clear instructions. Ute’s report was so detailed, I was really pleased with the whole service. Thank you, Rachel.

    • Ute Allison

      Thank you dear Rachel, It is very kind of you to give such a nice feedback.

  37. Dave

    I cannot recommend enough. Ute explained clearly every test result and the personal touch is a nice addition. This is exactly what I needed and it has put my mind at ease. If only our dear national health service worked this way and didn’t simply push drugs on us as a quick fix.
    I absolutely recommend using this service if you have any worries regarding gut health.
    Thanks again and all the best,

  38. Ian

    Great experience and very thorough report.

  39. Rebekah Hughes

    A fantastic service.Results have always been very accurate and matched blood tests.Ute took genuine interest in my daughters problem and gave advise freely.The results and explanation sheet was easy to understand.I would highly recommend.

  40. Lucy W.

    Fantastic service, very thorough and good communication through out. Very in-depth testing, with clear and understandable results and advice on what to do next. Highly recommend.

  41. Vicente

    Great service with very comprehensive results. In addition I received a personalized letter with comments on those results and extra background information on Candida, the gut and the immune system in general.

    When contacting by email, I got a very quick response from Ute. Great and clear communication.

    I’m very happy with the service. It is very effective, for low effort and low price.

  42. Richard H

    Great communication and great personal service.
    I did a lot of research before picking Candidatest, and I think it was worth it. Less expensive than other companies that offer fancy online portals with graphic displays of results that ultimately tell you very little. Ute provided all the results and information in a sensible and easy to digest format.
    I would recommend this service to others.
    The only note I would add is that the emails from Ute all went into my junk box, so if you order, check your junk box for correspondence.
    Thank you Ute!

  43. anna f.

    Great service, clear explanation of results and very helpful letter to explain/suggest next steps. We would definitely recommend and use again, thank you Ute

  44. Lucia

    I was skeptical as this is a lot cheaper than other services. But I got thorough results, personalised suggestions which healthy bacteria I need and a letter explaining what I need to speak to my doctor about. Really would recommend. I also wanted to upgrade my test pretty much as soon as I bought it and Ute helped me quickly.

  45. Vicki

    Extremely pleased with the service and advice provided. The whole process was easy and the results were received quickly and very thorough. I would definitely recommend, thanks.

  46. Hilary H

    Impressively prompt and very focussed detailed information accompanying test results and very helpful honest and supportive feedback to my questions.

  47. Marta

    Ute’s and her team exceeded my expectation in a big way! Superb professional service from the start to the very end. I used their online service to order a testing kit that arrived only the next day with clear and easy to follow instructions. Ute kept me informed about the progress of the test, and as soon as the test were ready, she emailed me a competent translation of the test results with the recommendation even though it was Sunday afternoon. Thank you, Ute for the 7-star experience for such a decent and reasonable price.

  48. Luca B.

    Dear Ute,

    Your service has been best 100% excellent customer service, also kept me in loop right from when I ordered my test online, I am so happy I came across you on google while looking for Candida test your feedback was great and aftercare very detailed feedback, the results came back super quick would definitely recommend you to people

    Take care

    Kind Regards


  49. Alan & Nicola

    The service provided by Ute and her team sadly puts the NHS to shame (and I have respect for the NHS).

    The service was prompt and easy to follow, and they even allowed us to change the order slightly after purchase (although importantly before we sent the sample).

    The response and update were far faster than expected, and more detailed then we thought it would be.

    An excellent service and after sales support.

    Thank you

  50. Richard

    Dear Ute,
    Thank you so very much again for being so incredibly helpful and generous with your thoughts and expertise and detailed feedback. You are one of a kind and an exceptional practitioner, I’m so grateful to have found you and Candidatest.
    Best wishes to you and thanks again,,


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