1. Is it difficult to take a stool sample?

Admittedly the procedure does not sound very nice, but if you consider that you can take the test in the privacy of your own home and that this might save you from having more invasive investigations, then it does not seem so bad any more. You will get a hygienic sample jar with a small spoon and a stool collecting strip, which will make the procedure very easy and clean.

Stool sample jar with security pack and mouth swab (photo Artomedes)

Stool sample jar with security pack and mouth swab (photo Artomedes)

2. Why do I not get my test results??

It sometimes happens that our customers complain about not having received their test results. In this case their email provider has most likely put our mails into the spam folder. Please be aware that after the arrival of your sample in the lab Ute Allison will email you a notification. Her sender is ute@candidatest.co.uk

About 10-12 days later the results are due. If you do not receive them, please check your spam folder or email ute@candidatest.co.uk or call us on 0844 330 1909 (weekdays 10 – 13 hours).

3. Tests with Candidatest and more … cost less than many others. Are they not scientific??

We were quite speechless when we were first asked if our tests are not scientific because our prices are so reasonable. The Dr. Hauss Laboratory certainly works to the highest scientific standards but in Germany laboratory prices are controlled by the NHS equivalent insurers. This is the reason that the prices have been stable for the last ten years. In addition BTS England is run with a strict no gloss policy. We have chosen not to spend your money on glossy advertising and brochures but rather pass on reasonable costs and try to put our efforts into a good service.

4. Which guarantee do you give for the test quality?

The Dr. Hauss Laboratory, which performs all our tests, is a well known and accredited laboratory in Germany and performs regular, strict quality controls. All devices and substances used in the microbiological analytic processes are constantly checked and validated. The lab always takes part in mycological interlaboratory comparisons. Since the introduction of these controls in 2000 this lab has achieved a 100% pass rate each year. In addition to this they are also regularly inspected by the German Public Health Department, Company Physicians and by their professional association, none of them known to be soft.