Ordering Information

Ordering, Payment, Delivery and Refund Information.

Ordering and Payment – Please use the buttons above to order your kit of choice – you can use your credit or debit card, or your PayPal account. Please note, you MUST include your address with your order. Alternatively, you may email us at ute@candidatest.co.uk to receive a PayPal invoice via your email address for any test combination of your individual choice.

Delivery – Once we have received your payment, you will usually receive your home test kit within 2-3 working days. Your kit contains the sample jar(s), easy to follow instructions and an addressed shipping package, which you have to post to our courier in Brighton at your own expense, who will safely ship all samples over to our laboratory in Germany (EU law forbids human samples being sent by Air Mail). We will then send you a notice by email that your sample has reached the laboratory.

How long does a stool test take? – Usually within a fortnight after arrival of your stool sample your results will be ready. Please note that saliva tests take longer. Melatonin can take up to 4 weeks.

What happens when your results are ready? – With your laboratory results you will get a detailed explanatory letter and possible attachments by email and – if you wish so – a backup by post. Please see a sample test result HERE. If you feel you want more help, you are welcome to email (or call) us and we will discuss your findings with you in depth. However, because we do not know your medical details, Candidatest is legally not permitted to give you therapy recommendations. You will have to see an experienced therapist for a consultation.

Therapy – Please be aware that our lab tests DO NOT include free therapy recommendations. Please enquire if you wish to receive therapist recommendations.

“Candidatest and more” is a UK service. If you live outside the UK, not all our terms and conditions can apply. Please contact us to discuss possibilities in Europe. We cannot supply any tests outside of Europe at all.

Refund Policy: If you have paid and ordered a test and you do not want to go ahead with it after all, you can apply for a refund. We will refund your test price fully, as long as we have not dispatched your kit. We have to charge an admin fee of £20.00 for each posted test if you cancel the test after we have dispatched your kit, but within 14 days of your order date, to share part of our costs. After 14 days after ordering we will refund 50%, but all tests cancelled later than 1 month after the order date cannot be refunded. Neither can any refund be paid once you have used the kit regardless of whether you have sent it or not.

No refund at all can be paid once you have used the kit regardless of whether you have sent it or not or if you keep the material.