Bodyweight and Gut Bacteria

Being Overweight:  Can Gut Bacteria be the Culprit ??

As we know being overweight can have many reasons. As a first approach to this problem your should of course see your doctor and get an in depth diagnosis making sure there is no serious health problem behind this symptom.

Too much body weight can have many causes, e.g. a thyroid or hormonal problem, lifestyle issues and much more. Only an indepth medical consultation and appropriate tests will be a sound base.

In Germany Professor Dr.Michaela Axt-Gadermann is a specialist on this topic at the University of Coburg. She has published a lot about this subject. michaela.axt-gadermann[at]

However, few of you have time to read all specialist books. For this reason I have summed up the most important facts of her’s and other relvant publications. I hope this will be interesting and easy to read for you. Please download my article Al-Intestinal Flora and Obesity. We offer a simple stool test for the Firmicutes / Bacteroidetes (F/B) ratio.

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