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  1. Victoria

    Hi Ute,
    Thank you so much for compiling this report for me, I am very grateful for the level of detail in it.
    Whilst it is disappointing, it is also a relief as no one wants to be diagnosed with any condition. I will explore the suggestions of what it could be with my doctor.
    Thank you again for all the information and level of care and attention to detail you have given my case and tests.
    Kind regards, Victoria

  2. Keith

    Excellent facility-fast, detailed and comprehensive. Much appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Kenneth S.

    An excellent and informative Report. Thank you.

  4. Julian

    Excellent service. Fast, efficient and very helpful, detailed feedback and information.

  5. trevor t.

    I can only give very positive feedback on a swift a prompt comprehensive report, which pointed to needing further swift hospital investigation. many thanks

  6. Karina

    Great service, detailed report and it took less than 2 weeks from the time I posted my sample.

  7. Su

    I dont think there are enough words to say how good this service is! Some may think its expensive, but honestly worth every penny. It has certainly given me peace of mind that something is/was going on inside my body, thankfully nothing too serious, but at least I now have evidence to show my GP. A hopefully and finally start on the right track and get better. The reports are extremely detailed and also received information on keeping healthy/understanding the issue I have been troubled with for almost 2 years!!!! if you need to contact for whatever reason, you get a very quick / same day response. This is a fantastic service and again well worth it!!!! Can’t thank you enough.

  8. Miriam

    I cannot say enough good things about Ute and this service. Right from the beginning Ute’s communication has been incredibly helpful and detailed and very clearly from someone who knows their stuff!

    Ute is very patient and gracious in taking time to answer any questions you have in detail and giving guidance and suggestions for further reading/next steps etc. The report provided is incredibly detailed and further support is there if you need it.

    Many thanks!

  9. Paul

    Excellent service , fast and efficient. Ute gives a personalised experience answering any queries. The results and explanations are 1st class. Highly recommended!

  10. Hannah

    Your service has been great and really straight forward – thank you for the report, it was obviously necessary in order to interpret the results. I really appreciate it all!

    It’s tricky trying to get to the bottom of what the problem is that is causing the eczema, but this test and the report is part of the puzzle and I am very grateful for it. Kind regards, H.

  11. Mary

    I have used the lab over the years and just wish they would add more tests to their profile. The lab is professional and ute is just lovely she informs ,supports and does it with a great deal of patience! Many thanks

    • Ute Allison

      Thank you very much indeed dear Mary for this very appreciative comment. Unfortunately it is not my decision which tests our lab can offer.

  12. Julie

    Excellent service! Ute is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond. Felt really valued as a customer and the results were very comprehensive and understandable. Would definitely recommend.

  13. sarah

    Excellent service! would highly recommend!

  14. Dee

    5 stars! Both my husband and I had tests. My husband has an IBD so I contacted Ute to ask for advice on which tests would be best for him. She was able to customise a test for him.
    The results were fascinating, not what we expected. Both our results have given us a much better idea of what paths to go on in our quest for health.

    The report and accompanying analysis/suggested treatment is comprehensive and very easy to understand.

    We both highly recommend Candidtest. The customer service is excellent.

  15. Asma

    I highly recommend this service. The results were very informative and easy to understand. Ute was very professional, and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Thank you ute and team.

  16. Adriel

    I can highly recommend this very professional service. From start to finish the process has been extremely straight forward and positive. The communication and customer service are excellent. With impressive detailed feedback and analysis. Thank you Ute and Team for the good work!

  17. Eileen

    I was very impressed with the comprehensive report, fact sheet and suggested treatment plan. Ute has been very helpful and I felt like an individual. She was really trying to help. Well done to all your team.

  18. Laura

    I really recommend the service of this company. The test kit arrived very quickly and was also processed quicker than the target date.
    The report of the results is exhaustive and easy to understand. Many thanks to Ute for the professionalism and keep me informed at all time.

  19. Jennie

    Hello Ute,

    Please do not feel bad, I appreciate these were circumstances beyond your control. (Hold up in customs because of Brexit)

    I just want to say your customer service has been fantastic and if I feel I need your services in the future I won’t hesitate to use your company again.

    All the best, Jennie

  20. Angelika M.

    I had been looking for a long time for a company that would provide me with an analysis of my condition. I was provided with guidance on the type of test that would be appropriate for me. The test kit arrived very swiftly and the results with the comprehensive letter of explanation arrived within two weeks, even in the run-up to Christmas 2020. I am very grateful to Ute Allison and her team and strongly recommend this company for its professionalism.

  21. Marica

    A nutritionist recommend to buy the test from here and although it took over a week to arrive , I was happy with the service .
    Ute sent me a detailed email with a plan and suggestions on how to proceed with my problem.
    She’s been very helpful and replied to all my questions.

  22. Olly J.

    Very prompt and comprehensive feedback. Results were sent to me quickly after I sent my stool test in and were well explained. Strongly recommend the service to get a good overall idea of your health.

  23. Amber

    When asking if my sample would still be reliable after having to wash the swab, I was told it would be fine. Yet after a negative result, which is not possible as I got mouth thrush, I called up and was told by another person that the washed swab would not work. I was not given a refund or any help and several of the communications with the company were unprofessional and full of negativity.

    • Ute Allison

      Hi Amber, We are really sorry that you are so disappointed. We always try to offer a good service. Unfortunately we had problems right from the beginning when you complained that your test kit would not arrive and then admitted that you gave us an old postal address where you do not live any more. Even before your sample arrived in our lab I had patiently answered eight emails from you informing me about all kinds of mistakes you made because you did not read our instructions. And now you want a refund since the results do not meet your expectations. This is not how a testing service can operate. Very sorry, Ute

  24. Sona

    Highly recommended service, very personalised and so helpful. The best test experience I have had so far, and I have had so many tests in the past! A-star rating

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