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  1. I am delighted with my negative test results! I really thought I had leaky gut and am so pleased to know I haven’t got that or candida. This probably means I have a food intolerance which is so much harder to track down – though Ute has given me one really helpful suggestion I’ve not come across before – so I’m really glad to have ruled other things out first rather than doing unnecessary diets for things I haven’t got.
    Ute’s long and detailed explanation of my results plus writing to my Naturopath with her treatment suggestions makes this an unbeatable service, I got so much more than I expected, thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for your care and professionalism. My results were clear easy to understand. I am very happy to recommend you. Thank you.

  3. I have received my results immediately and been explained to the letter and felt cared.
    I was also given options where to go from where I am to take the results further. I am grateful for the quick efficient and professional service.
    Thank you Ute.

  4. Dear Ute,
    A huge thanks to you for your brilliant service. As well as the superb and very thorough testing, your detailed and considerate and expert feedback has been so enormously helpful. Thank you!!
    All the best to you,

  5. Very useful service, highlighted a rare strain of candida (Krusei) and following a very tough regime of anti fungal food/supplements & candida diet a re-test confirmed I’d got rid of it.

  6. Very good service and professional advice.
    This test was very helpful and and I recommend everyone with simptoms like bloating, craving sugar or starchy food.
    Thank you for informations.

  7. Dear Ute and all staff, I have hugely appreciated the detailed, and highly personalized testing, care and response I have received from your service. In particular, the detailed letter I received from Ute was instructive and beyond what I would have expected from such a service. And, all at a very reasonable price, thank you. I just hope that Brexit does not make it more difficult for us here in the UK to access your service in the future.
    Thank so much, Stu.

  8. Having researched several UK laboratories, my husband and I finally settled on “Candidatest and more”. We are both extremely satisfied with the service and the detailed results and accompanying information and advice. We have already recommended the service to friends and professionals and will certainly use the service again for retesting.

  9. Dear Ute, I can not thank you enough for your above and beyond service and help. You offer more than I’d have ever expected with regards to further advice and information. I was dubious to spend money on a test however after reading your reviews, I trusted the process and although my test result was normal, it still left me feeling frustrated not to have an answer however with the professional help/information/opinion you offered me in fact gave me my answer after all! Couldn’t have wished for better advice! Thank you again.

  10. Dear Ute, Thank you very much for your speedy service and incredibly helpful letter and plan. It is good to be able to eliminate leaky gut/candida from my list of potential problems!
    I would be grateful if you could send me your recommendation for a company that provides blood testing for food intolerances – as mentioned in your letter. I will also follow up with your suggested plan and nutritional therapist.
    These results really help me to refocus my time and money on what works for me. It’s not often a company surpasses expectations – so thank you once again!
    All the best, B. J. (full name is known to Candidatest and more . . )

  11. Candida tests
    I suspect I have a Candida problem.
    My symptoms include, bad breath, athlete’s foot, fungal nail, and lately I am getting some awfully bad pains in my joints.
    I am also aware that these could be through repetitive strain due to the work I do.
    These pains are in my wrists mostly, I also get sharp pains in my arms, I have a carbunkle on my left wrist but I am wondering if Candida could be amplifying the problem of even be the problem, I am 55 years old, a young 55, because this is fairly sudden and never had these pains at work before, also my other fungal have came out of hibernation lately which seems to be in line with the extra pain. Could it be ? I am asking myself.

    • Dear Gary, Thank you very much for coming to our website. Our page “Comments” is actually not the best way to ask us questions. Better to click “Contact us” or phone us. But since you are asking: It is very difficult to say if certain symptoms are caused by intestinal fungi. I will write you a separate email since I would like to tell you more than we want here in this section.
      I have seen people improving enormously after a candida therapy – others not so much. So it is exclusion. I always recommend to just check for candida, treat it if necessary and then see where you stand. I will email you later today. Best wishes, Ute

  12. It’s clear that Ute cares about her clients and actually understands things from their perspective, the latter of which is uncommon in my experience with medical professionals. Very happy with the detailed letter I received alongside the results that was typed out word for word focusing on my issues and the next course of action. Everything was addressed. Highly recommend.

  13. Really detailed personalised reply and information in regards to my test results, will definitely be coming back if I need more tests!

  14. Dear Ute,
    I doubt that you remember me but 2 years ago I wrote to you about me daughter E …. who was extremely unwell. We undertook some tests with you and both yourself and your partner corresponded with me. We managed to turn E …’s condition around and where the mainstream medical world would have left her on many medications with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue by adopting probiotic and gut healing diet all her symptoms resolved. I cannot thank you enough.
    I have since enrolled on a Diploma course with CNM in London and wondered if I could please share this link with my colleagues on the Biomedicine and Naturopathy and Nutrition Course?
    E … has had redeveloped refractory constipation again following a gastroenteritis and had a raised faecal calprotectin stool test with the NHS. So I will be ordering another stool test with your company and have recommended your company to all my colleagues.
    Kind regards, Wendy (full senders ID under page “Friendly bacteria”)

  15. I am sorry but what you have sent me as test result and accompanying information is completely invalid and I, therefore, require a refund.
    After I sent the sample I began an anti-candida diet and enzymes to kill the candida. Since then, I have had an 90% drop in my symptoms so it was definitely candida. I also realised I had severe thrush which has also now gone with probiotic pessaries. ….
    Therefore, for you to declare I do not have candida is very problematic. I have had these symptoms for 25 years and I only made the changes necessary to kill candida so it was definitely that. ….
    Why nothing was detected when I clearly had a problem. …………..
    I am quite angry about this as misdiagnosing people can lead to them not being able to solve their health problems, possibly even killing them.
    (Text shortened by Candidatest)

    • Dear Karen, I am very sorry that you are so disappointed about the all clear regarding candida. But as I have already written in my mail to you, not all symptoms which look like candida or thrush are caused by these fungi. This being the reason that we do microbiological testing to find the cause of symptoms and then devise the therapy accordingly. Unfortunately we cannot give a refund when the test results do not meet the expectations.
      I am also aware that we write rather in depth comments which can be quite a lot to read and to take in. So misunderstandings can happen.

  16. thanks you for the test and results!
    now we know what needs to be treated, no more doubts regarding candida.

    thanks again, I would definitely recommend your services.

  17. Dear Ute, sorry for the slow reply – its been a super-busy, super-positive few weeks.
    I wanted to thank you so much for the prompt, accurate, kind and highly personal way in which you wrote to me regarding my test results. All of these qualities were very much appreciated. I will also leave positive feedback via your website, but I wanted to say “thank you” personally first.
    warmly, Stuart (full name is known to Candidatest)

  18. Dear Ute, Thanks so much for your kind email & explaining…Really glad I decided to test & with your company. You’ve been an amazing help, thank you again. Very best wishes,Emma (Full name known to Candidatest)

  19. Thankyou so much Ute and the team for your amazing service! Extremely satisfied with the report and communication. Would definately recommend!

  20. Hi Ute, Thank you once again for this very valuable information. I have literally never had anyone go into such detail and be able to offer advice on many levels. I will try the recommended test. There certainly seems to be a pattern so I will try a different enzyme product if these symptoms do not ease. I have been back and forth to many consultants and doctors and none of them have ever given me this much time or advice. It’s been a very stressful and frustrating journey as I have been dismissed by so many and not treated very kindly. I have certainly never spoken to anyone who has been so willing to share this kind of knowledge which is why I am ever so grateful for your time.
    Hopefully the outcome will be some good results of which I would like to share with you in the near future.
    Thank you again for taking the time. Kindest regards
    (Name is know to Candidatest..)

  21. To Ute, Thanks so much for all of this information. A lot of the recommendations I have actually already tried but there are some I will be looking into. I will read through the rest of the information attached and can’t thank you enough for this very clear and precise response.
    It’s very helpful and is currently just a process of elimination for me. Again many thanks.
    (Name known to Candidatest)

  22. Dear Ute,
    Thank you very much indeed for my lab results.
    The detailed comments contained in your letter are extremely valuable as they help me understand the results, and your recommendations are most appreciated. I am really glad I chose your company and your most comprehensive test as it provides me with clarity and eliminates several possible causes, especially candida and mould, which I was certain I had!
    I shall follow your recommendations and, in the meantime, would like to thank you once again for your excellent service.
    Best regards and best wishes, M.-L.
    (Sender known to Candidatest…)

  23. Thankyou for such a professional service.The test results where explained in way which is easily understandable. Thankyou.

  24. I had very positive experience with the laboratory and as mentioned by others the service was very professional and quick. Results were sent with a detailed explanation and suggested action plan. Highly recommend!

  25. Great service – Ute is responsive to emails, and I also received a very detailed, personalised report of the lab results, along with several other documents about the various tests. Very comprehensive, with a summarised section at the end, and suggested plan actions. Highly professional and worth the cost.
    Thanks Ute.

  26. Great service and Ute was really helpful pointed me in the right direction explained everything and was quick in getting results
    Thank you 😊

  27. Ute was really excellent. The letter i received was really personalized and helpful. I had some follow up question and Ute provided very quick, helpful answers.

  28. This is my second time using the service, it’s outstanding. Ute is so friendly and helpful. The test results are clearly explained and quickly processed. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  29. I am extremely happy with the service I have received from Ute. The results were comprehensive, with detailed explanations provided. More importantly, Ute has always been very willing to answer questions patiently and in a considered, friendly manner. The result of this is that I feel I have someone I can call on if I need support or advice, which is essential when one is not well. As far as I am concerned, Ute is a model professional and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone I know. Well done and thank you very much.

    • Thank you so much for a really very appreciative comment. We are real people here at our end and not computers. So it is a lovely reward if your customers feel well looked after.

  30. Hi,

    Thanks for a professional service. Initial kit arrived promptly with easy to read guide on what to do. Results arrived within 2 weeks and were well written and easy to understand. Although not the result I thought it has helped to look for something else that is causing the symptoms. Thanks, Craig

  31. Thank you so much for a prompt and professional service. My results came back in less than 2 weeks and were very clear and easy to follow up. Questions I had were answered quickly and I now have a clear direction on how to take this forward.
    Many thanks for all your help.

  32. Dear Ute,

    Thank you for everyone in the team for the excellent and very humane service I received through testing, advice and re-testing.
    Clearly, there is genuine passion for what you do and do well. One journey has ended, another must begin.

    All the very best for the future.


  33. Ute, it was a brilliant service BTS offered and would have no hesitation in recommending your service to others. It was hassle-free and you responded to my emails quickly. Although the results have not answered why I have the symptoms I have, it’s good to know I can now eliminate these and need to investigate further with my GP. You made it so easy to add the Calprotectin test even though you had already sent out the package. The NHS said I couldn’t be tested as I was over the 45 year years old and had to be referred to a gastro specialist. Knowing the result was normal has really put my mind at rest.

    The report you supplied was very easy to understand and informative and thank you for the supplement recommendations which I have purchased which will hopefully help ease the symptoms soon.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  34. Really excellent service. Communication with this company is fabulous. Test results are returned in a timely manner and explained in a way that you can understand without a medical degree! Aftercare service is also very good. I would highly recommend this company. Thank you for your help!

  35. Hi
    I have used other private companies for health tests in the past but none have been as good as yours! I came across this company online whilst looking for Candida tests and think the name of your company,
    “ Candidatest and more “ is really fitting ! The professional and thoughtful communication has been brilliant ,plus the speed of processing tests and cost really good , woukd highly recommend this company!

  36. Dear Team,

    Thank you for the excellent service! I felt looked after. The letter I received is very detailed with just enough of a personal touch and important morsels of scientific knowledge I like to have.

    I will be back for retesting to make sure all is well after the relevant treatment.


  37. Excellent service, all carried out very efficiently. Results were thoroughly explained and email questions responded to. Would highly recommend.

  38. I just recently stumbled upon the BTS service, and boy, am I glad I did! The service provided by Ute and her team was excellent. I was also very impressed by the quick turn-around time. The test results were easy to understand, and Ute answered all the queries that I had.
    The service gave me peace of mind and saved me wasting a lot of money on treatment that I thought I needed, and has set me on the right path.
    Thank you all very much, I will definitely be recommending your service!

  39. Thank you so much Ute and team for clarifying to me the current gut issues I do have and for ruling out those I do not. This invaluable information really helps me to focus on what I need to do next, to begin the healing process. Great to have some light shed on the path ahead, rather than stumbling around in the dark. Would well recommend your service 🙂

  40. Excellent friendly service, I got my results back promptly despite it being in the run up to Christmas. I received notification that everything had been received. The test results were really comprehensive and easy to understand. Further information was included regarding my issue and I was also directed to where I could receive further support. Would highly recommend BTS and will be using again in the future. Thank you!

  41. Excellent service. Quick and detailed results sent by Ute. Happy to finally start to figure out what is going on. Some initial advice given which I will follow and also support available to help find a nutritional therapist as I will certainly be seeing someone following my results. Big thank you keep up the hard work x

  42. I chose your service because it did not appear to be affiliated to any business that could profit from the results you obtain, and must therefore be unbiased. Thank you for a prompt, highly informative and personal service.
    (name is known to “Candidatest”)

  43. Ute was very efficient and replied to all my queries in a timely manner. The test results explanations were very comprehensive and neatly explained. I am very satisfied with the service.

  44. I was provided with a fantastic service that far exceeded my expectations. Definite value for money. Extensive helpful explanations, support and advice re where to go next and a personal touch in communication. Nothing about this test and service could be faulted or improved.

  45. The service exceeded my expectations in every way. From the clear instructions to take a proper sample, to keeping me informed about the timeline, and finally to the extremely detailed, considered, caring, individualised, and helpful feedback received in a letter and accompanying information materials alongside my lab test results. I finally feel like I’m getting some proper answers and know where I can turn and what I can start doing to get myself better. I would not hesitate to use the service again, nor to recommend it to other people.

  46. Dear Ute,
    I wanted to say a huge thank you for your service, you were so helpful and professional! I really appreciate you answering all my questions. I will recommend your service to anyone asking!
    Thanks so much, Florence
    (details are known to our company)

  47. Dear Ute. Thank you for your detailed and pragmatic report. Everything ran exactly to the timetable you outlined. And thanks to the free mouth swab test – my results were more conclusive. Now I can put a plan in place which will hopefully get my system back to some normality.

  48. Very friendly and professional service, emails were always responded to straight away. I received a very detailed, but easy to understand, break down of my test results. I would definitely recommend candidatest and will be using them again

  49. Thank you so much for all of your help.

    Ute has gone above and beyond what you would expect a lab to do, answering any questions I have and sending me diet plans and ideas. Really thank you so much.

    My results actually came back normal, which wasn’t expected at all, but Ute has advised me of other possible causes and has given me advice of how to tackle the problem.

    Excellent service, had considered it for ages but was a bit wary of having to send the sample but couldn’t recommend more.

    Thank you again for all of your help

  50. I’ve had undiagnosed health issues going on for years and neither my doctor nor I could find out the root cause of these problems and only to be confirmed recently by having a test, my mind has now been put at rest. I feel so much happier now that I have found the underlying cause to my ‘many’ different health symptoms. You get a thorough detailed report and supplement advice all done in a courteous friendly manner, a lot of work goes into these tests and I am ever so grateful for them helping me. I would highly recommend these tests if you have ongoing health issues that you or your health practitioner just can’t pinpoint.
    A great service and results came back within a week. I’ll definitely use again and will recommend to friends/family of this outstanding service too.

    A BIG thanks to Ute and her team 🙂

  51. I am so very grateful for your highly efficient and thorough service and I cannot recommend you highly enough. I have dragged on for many months with very difficult symptoms and been to several appointments about them but never had a stool test or anything despite the fact that I did say I was getting thrush a lot and have had difficult eye orbit problems, with black deposits after I had been cleaning some mould spots in my flat( from condensation on the windows as I looked ve at n a flat and dry my washing inside at times) I have felt so ill and had no diagnosis and was loosing hope of having a diagnosis let alone treatment. In fact I have felt so ill that I have been resigning myself, as a Christian, into God’s hands. I don’t know how I found you online but I thank Him for you as well. I m only 61 and there’s a lot I want to do yet!!! I m going to pass on the info to one of my consultants who I know will be most happy to receive them and be in touch with you herself, 10/10 to you all the way! If you like, I will mentioned you by name to all my Facebook friends.

  52. Great service. Quick responses with detailed explanations. Ute really seems to know what she is talking about and I have a confidence to recommend this service to anyone. Thank you!

  53. Really appreciate the effort and analysis of my results, it has really helped me elimate what I thought may have been causing my symptoms and I now have a piece of mind after getting my results back. The results have shed light on other issues that I did not know could be the cause of my symptoms. Really worth while test. Would highly recommend to anyone in doubt of these tests.

    Many thanks to Ute and everyone else involved.

  54. Absolute Amazing service. 3 and a half years of illness and i have my answer. Now I can get action taken with this very valuable and life changing info.

  55. Ordered the ‘all in one test’. Ute was very sincere and kind. Excellent service and great value for money thinking of how much this can improve your life. Thank you Ute for your passion and effort.

  56. Dear Ute
    Thank you very much for a very efficient service and in depth diagnosis. I will certainly take your advice and recommend this service to anyone else that may be suffering and can be reassured.

    Thank you again

  57. The results came back earlier than expected and I was extremely impressed with the detail and information within. On top of that, Ute has been very helpful with replies to my emails beyond working hours and also very comforting in the professional manner in which the replies were delivered. The test results gave me confidence in knowing what I am (or not) dealing with and I am very happy with the quality and price of this service.

    A heartfelt thank you for your help & assistance. 5* Service.

  58. I am truly pleased with this service – I was kept up to date at each stage of the processing, and the reply to my tests came back sooner than I expected. Ute provided a detailed response and sent me some helpful articles relevant to me in response to some questions I had. I cannot recommend this service warmly enough, and at this price I think it is very affordable to get retested after working on some of the issues identified. Many thanks!

    • Thank you very much. We are real people here at our end and we are very pleased indeed when our customers are satisfied.

  59. Thanks so much for the detailed and caring service! I am very thankful for all the efforts Ute and her team put into the correspondense and although my results came out negative, at least, I have certainty and can move on so it was worth spending the money. Best regards, Eugenie

  60. Thank you, Ute, for an outstanding service. Very fast return of test results, and really helpful commentary on them.

  61. Just wanted to thank Ute for quality of service I have received. Not only were my results provided ahead of schedule, but I was also highly impressed by the level of detail and the quality of the analysis provided. I plan to recommend your services to others. Many thanks.

  62. I am very happy with your service. Reliable and very quick, at affordable price, very good advice. Thank you very much. Isabelle from Paris, France

  63. Although I did not have any bloated stomach, brain fog or similar candida overgrowth symptoms, I have decided to do this candida test just because of dandruff/seborrheic dermatitis that I have as there is a notion that dermatitis should be treated from inside out. Test result was negative, so I do not have this condition but it is good to know anyway, so I don’t treat a condition which I don’t have. Either way, I’m very pleased with the service and feedback I’ve received. It’s been very organised and detailed. Ute has even taken some of her time to answer some of my questions which I had about my dermatitis condition.

  64. Great service. The attention is superb and the information very detailed and helpful. I recommend it, no doubt! Thank you very much.

  65. Thank you, Ute, your report was returned earlier than expected and the news was so much more positive than I expected. From start to end this service has been very straightforward and I really appreciate the updates from Ute, letting me know what’s happening. Well worth the money!

  66. Fantastic service from Ute, friendly and so very helpful. I Don’tknow anywhere else where you would received service this good.
    I would recommend Ute and BTS to anyone looking for answers, who is unwell and determined to get answers.
    A very warm professional and efficient service with a detailed report for client to follow up with another professional and provided in a great time frame too.
    A great system which runs smoothly from start to end from posting out the test kit to you to receiving the results.
    A big thank you to Ute for all your help, it it very much appreciated.
    Thanking you most kindly for great work.

  67. Thank you for the test results, service and excellent communication. This is the first time I have used a private medical testing company and I am happy with the service they have provided me, as my local NHS doctors were not very helpful. The results have given me something to work with relating to diet and also a piece of mind.

  68. DEAR UTE,

  69. Dear Ute

    Many thanks for sending me the results on email and the additional documents. I found all the information and findings very informative and comprehensive, and happy with the service indeed. I will take your advice on board.

    Many thanks for the overall help and advice from the test results.

    Kind regards
    (Customer known to Candidatest)

  70. Ute, thank you so very much for your swift action and the thorough explanation of my symptoms. I would also like to thank you for all the information you sent me, especially with regards to food supplements. You don’t know how much this means to me as I can now look forward to a rosier future thanks to you and your team. Your support and kindness were first class, just like your service. Kindest regards Theresa

  71. Another who would like to leave positive feedback. The detail in the letter really helps and I know what I have to do now to try to get better results.

  72. Ute, thank you for my results and for your professional, thoughtful, and understanding approach. You have helped me to focus my attention in the right direction, alleviated some concerns and probably saved me a lot of time and money as well. The results will help me to move forward and finally find a solution to my health problems. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone with the same problem.

  73. I’m very pleased with the service. The pricing is reasonable, the service professional and the report is detailed and thorough. I would recommend it and use it again. Thank you.

  74. I have suffered from CFS for 3 years and finally decided to seek answers down this candida/digestion route after an aruvdedic doctor said I have candida. I sent the lab here a stool sample and they were able to get my results back to me slightly early at my special request so they arrived in time for a doctors appointment I have coming up. The results are thorough and the advice is really useful. It turns out I don’t have candida but I do have intestinal inflammation. Hopefully this will lead do some answers. I am very pleased with the service offered here! Thank you.

  75. I was very pleased with the service, very customer oriented and human. You don’t get just the scientific results,but also a detailed custom explanation regarding your specific case. On top of that, you get availability to discuss and explain further your results and a series of useful contacts and benefits that you would hardly get anywhere else. Thanks Ute for the great experience!

  76. Dear Ute,

    Thank you very much for all you’ve done it means the world to me!

    Fantastic service!! Worth every penny! To anyone wondering if they should use this service, please go ahead I’ve never come across so dedicated and good hearted people. Ute is very informative and very very knowledgeable. The service is very quick and I’ve gotten more support here than anywhere else and any doctor I’ve ever seen. There should be more people like this on this planet and would be a better place.

    All my warm wishes to all at Candida Test

  77. My test results came back positive for oral candidiasis, I quickly began treatment then submitted for a retest several weeks later which showed that I was clear of my candida overgrowth. 🙂

    Based on my symptoms and other test information Ute provided helpful and extensive comments and answered my questions thoroughly.

    Thank you for a quick, professional and friendly service!

  78. Thank you so much for the detailed and comprehensive report.
    Although the tests have not resolved my health issues, at least I know that Candida and several other possibilities are eliminated! There were many helpful suggestions in your covering letter.
    I was impressed with the service and would certainly recommend you to others.

  79. Thank you ever so much for offering such a professional yet personalised and friendly service. I will very happily recommend BTS to anyone who may benefit from such a service. Best wishes.

  80. Thanks Ute for a great service, I found it very reliable, I had the test within a few days and sent it off and got confirmation that it arrived etc. Ute’s explanations for the results were very easy to understand and very efficient and anytime I emailed Ute, Ute came back to me straight away, I would highly recommend this service.

  81. Having drawn a blank from visits to my doctor,I used the services of Candidatest for stool analysis (and mouth swab); the first time I have ever undertaken such a thing. I received sound advice from candidatest as to the the tests I needed. Following the tests the report I received was highly professional and very informative and useful. Where results were negative or inconclusive, they too were clearly explained. As a result, I am able to focus on the issues revealed by the tests. One may need further professional advice on specific remedies for what is revealed but the test results I received were accompanied by excellent and clear explanations from Ute and would be of great assistance to whomever one may choose for further advice. I am extremely grateful for the service I have received and most certainly recommend candidatest for high standards and value.

  82. I cannot overstate how very impressed I am with the service I’ve received from you. Ute’s explanation of my test results were extremely clear and professional, but also personal and friendly. A follow-up query by email elicited a very quick response from her and I now have a plan to follow. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to any one who might benefit from using it. Well done and thank you.

  83. Dear Ute,
    Thank you very much for all that extra research, and your extensive writings. Those are more clues. I have the last few days felt a wonderful vitality since I started taking multivitamine/mineral supplement along with essential fatty acids! That is quiete wonderful!
    Yes people like you who take the extra time, and share your knowledge is worth all the praise.
    It has been a pleasure to be in contact with you, and quite helpful.
    Thank you again, K.S. (name is known to “Candidatest”)

  84. Dear Ute,
    Thank you so much for results and your feedback. I am really impressed with the professional yet personal service you provide and will certainly recommend you to anyone with similar problems to my own. If you could provide me with any therapists in my area I would be very grateful.
    Kind regards and thanks,
    M.B. (the client is known to us)

  85. Dear Ute,
    Thank you very much for sending me my test results, for sending them so quickly and for your very thoughtful, caring and helpful letter. It means a lot to me that you used so much of your time and skills to give in-depth feedback and in such a sensitive and understanding way.
    Best wishes,
    L. V. (the client is known to us)

  86. Thank you very much for my test results and explanations. Thank goodness a service like this exists as it is nearly impossible to get any GP to run these sort of tests. Now I have some conclusive results to work on and hopefully with time, the right treatment and diet,can revert back to full health – that would be amazing!

  87. To whom it may concern, I’m not sure if this is the right place for feedback, but I couldn’t see anywhere else! I just wanted to say how incredibly pleased by the service you have offered. It has been friendly, professional and more importantly personal from ordering right through to post-test advice and suggestions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at Candida Test/BTS for the help you have provided! I won’t hesitate to recommed you to friends and family. Kindest regards, Adam

  88. I’m so pleased I chose BTS. They helped me choose the right test which corresponded to my symptoms. Quick turn around and extremely thorough and informative with the regards to your result. It’s taken me 1 year and 4 months to get a positive result and an explanation to my many symptoms. It was worth every penny. Thank you again.

    • Brilliant service.So pleased,really professional.Detailed information about every single test done.I definitetly recommend you!I will use it again.
      Thank you very much.

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