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  1. Lucia

    I was skeptical as this is a lot cheaper than other services. But I got thorough results, personalised suggestions which healthy bacteria I need and a letter explaining what I need to speak to my doctor about. Really would recommend. I also wanted to upgrade my test pretty much as soon as I bought it and Ute helped me quickly.

  2. Barbara H.

    Wow! How fortunate I feel in finding Candidatest and Ute. The process of testing and sending off the test is simplicity itself. My test came back normal, which I’m delighted with, as I can now look for answers in a different direction. Ute has a friendly and professional way of explaining the test results, and her passion for her client’s health jumps off the page. After months through the pandemic feeling quite isolated in my worry of what my body is experiencing, Ute’s friendly message and suggestions in furthering my research for an answer gives me hope.
    A big thank you to Ute and her team.

  3. Val

    I cannot fault this service. The proficiency, care , attention to detail is beyond any expectations. Ute is so sensitive to the patients needs and the informations she provides with regard to the test results is so easy to understand. A very big thank you, I will certainly recommend your team to anyone with gut problems.

  4. Ewelina

    A huge thank you for your service. I am very satisfied with the level of professionalism and accuracy you provided. Thankfully to you my suspicions were confirmed. This service was worth every penny. Very kind and helpful staff, thank you Ute for the customer service and all of you in the lab. Highly recommend this company.

  5. Susan

    This is the first time I have had this test. The results were very precise, with good advice to go forward health wise! Ute is very knowledgeable, and I have great faith in her! I would recommend this test to anyone, who is having symptoms that are ruining their life.

  6. Sarah

    I have used this service now twice and would definitely recommend. Ute is amazing! She is so helpful, efficient and her explanation of the results is so easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this to anyone having issues. Thank you so much Ute and everyone at Candidatest.

  7. Charles

    I cannot say how much Ute has helped me. After more than 1 year trying to figure out what causes my stomach pain. After several NHS useless appointments and tests, finally a real doctor with a proper diagnostic. I cannot recommend enough this service. Thank you Ute

    • Ute Allison

      Thank you so much for your lovely compliment, which makes all our work worthwhile. However, I am a biologist and naturopath (ND), not a medical doctor, and I always recommend seeing medical specialists when our tests reveal problems.

  8. Marilyn

    This is an exceptional company; amazing customer service, professional and thorough.
    Don’t be put off because they are not UK based – the whole process is simple, streamlined and extremely efficient.
    Ute goes above and beyond what we are used to here! She is clearly dedicated to her work and is super efficient, compassionate and so, so helpful. I would definitely recommend without hesitation.

  9. Neil Pember

    I would highly recommend using this process to anybody who has been experiencing similar issues.
    Thanks Ute for such a clear and comprehensive diagnosis, it is very clear from your responses that you have a genuine passion for improving the health of your clients and I am very glad that I used your service.

  10. Luke

    After approaching a number of different places it was immediately clear why Ute and her team have such fantastic reviews – every response I received was extremely thorough, personalised and easy to understand – outstanding and friendly customer service and the test and results were quick and detailed also – would definitely recommend them

  11. Steve

    I came back to Ute for a retest and as expected recieved the same high quality, detailed, thorough and personally tailored information and results. The feeling of coming to her and her team is significantly more reassuring than a lot of experiences i have had with doctors, they really stand behind their tests and do the best they can.

  12. Charlotte

    Excellent service. User-friendly, thorough testing and a friendly team. Results were received very quickly as well. Highly recommend. Thank you very much Ute!

  13. Laura

    Excellent service that went above and beyond what was expected. I feel not as though I just been shown results but I’ve been given solid and thorough advice in treatment options and what to do going forward. This has been great, would definitely recommend.

  14. Martin

    This a first class, highly professional company that delivers way beyond expectation. After reading messages left in this section, clearly this is the same for all that approach this company. Nonetheless, it needs to be reiterated – I personally received a conscientious and committed service way beyond my expectations in this day and age!! It just isn’t normal!
    Originally I first called to ascertain if this would be a helpful and appropriate service for my needs. The answers to my questions given over by Ute quickly assured me that under the specific concerns and circumstances I was in, it was advisable. On the reasons given by her (which showed even then, a very deep understanding of the issues and symptoms I recited) I proceeded.
    Thereafter, I have been treated at every step of the process with the same thorough understanding and help. Questions and concerns that I asked (believing to be a little beyond the scope of the fee), were answered quickly with consideration and concern. Thank you Ute!

  15. Angegla

    Dear Ute
    Thank you so much for my candidatest results. Iam very pleased to see those results as now I can rule this out.
    I would like to thank you for all your help and I will certainly recommend what an excellent service you provide… it was lovely having a chat with you, you were very very helpful. Once again many thanks. Regards Angela

  16. Paul

    Very professional operation, from ordering tests to excellent guidance on follow up. I will recommend.

  17. Rada

    Your service and care have been wonderful and over and above anything I could have expected. I will call you as I want to thank you personally and ‘meet’ you over the phone.

  18. Sophie

    Excellent service and detailed report from Ute, highly recommend this service. Fantastic, thank you so much

  19. Ann F.

    Thank you for my detailed report, I am very impressed with your service and will take on board your suggestions. I would certainly recommend your service.

  20. Emma C.

    Dear Ute, I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for the excellent service and detailed results with this test.
    This is a huge help and potentially life changing as this proves that the symptoms I have been experiencing are all to do with stomach issues and can most importantly, all be fixed ? I had already had some energy medicine type tests with a naturopath which produced similar results, so I’m pleased that these matched up.
    I have told several family members and friends about this test and will continue to refer others as the value is amazing. ?
    Thanks very much,

  21. Jack

    This is the best medical service I have ever received. Ute’s letter was fantastically comprehensive and detailed, it’s outstanding value for money and I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

  22. Dana

    Dear Ute,
    Firstly I would like to thank you for your professionalism and dedication. Also, thank you for your very comprehensive comments on my results. I am happy that almost all my results are within normal limits and also that I have found the potential cause of my ongoing gastrointestinal symptoms.

  23. Peter J.

    Thank you Ute for doing my test very quickly and for providing an explanation of the results which I, as a layman, can readily understand. Your report has provided me with a way forward to rid myself of terrible abdominal pains which I have endured for the past 9 months.

  24. Nathan J.

    Thank you for your quality service. The results are very detailed and massively helpful.

  25. Catherine

    Thanks Ute

    Your service has been absolutely fantastic – very very much appreciated!

    All the best!


  26. Richard

    Dear Ute,
    Thank you so very much again for being so incredibly helpful and generous with your thoughts and expertise and detailed feedback. You are one of a kind and an exceptional practitioner, I’m so grateful to have found you and Candidatest.
    Best wishes to you and thanks again,,
    Richard (full details are known to Candidatest and more … )

  27. Mrs JJ

    Dear Ute,

    I am so impressed by the efficiency and service: I have a lot to read and assimilate before deciding on my next move. Thank you very much. Mrs. J.J.

  28. Stuart

    Dear Ute and all staff, I have hugely appreciated the detailed, and highly personalized testing, care and response I have received from your service. In particular, the detailed letter I received from Ute was instructive and beyond what I would have expected from such a service. And, all at a very reasonable price, thank you. I just hope that Brexit does not make it more difficult for us here in the UK to access your service in the future.
    Thank so much, Stu.

  29. Sue / Dennis

    Having researched several UK laboratories, my husband and I finally settled on “Candidatest and more”. We are both extremely satisfied with the service and the detailed results and accompanying information and advice. We have already recommended the service to friends and professionals and will certainly use the service again for retesting.

  30. Georgia

    Dear Ute, I can not thank you enough for your above and beyond service and help. You offer more than I’d have ever expected with regards to further advice and information. I was dubious to spend money on a test however after reading your reviews, I trusted the process and although my test result was normal, it still left me feeling frustrated not to have an answer however with the professional help/information/opinion you offered me in fact gave me my answer after all! Couldn’t have wished for better advice! Thank you again.

  31. B. J.

    Dear Ute, Thank you very much for your speedy service and incredibly helpful letter and plan. It is good to be able to eliminate leaky gut/candida from my list of potential problems!
    I would be grateful if you could send me your recommendation for a company that provides blood testing for food intolerances – as mentioned in your letter. I will also follow up with your suggested plan and nutritional therapist.
    These results really help me to refocus my time and money on what works for me. It’s not often a company surpasses expectations – so thank you once again!
    All the best, B. J. (full name is known to Candidatest and more . . )

  32. Gary

    Candida tests
    I suspect I have a Candida problem.
    My symptoms include, bad breath, athlete’s foot, fungal nail, and lately I am getting some awfully bad pains in my joints.
    I am also aware that these could be through repetitive strain due to the work I do.
    These pains are in my wrists mostly, I also get sharp pains in my arms, I have a carbunkle on my left wrist but I am wondering if Candida could be amplifying the problem of even be the problem, I am 55 years old, a young 55, because this is fairly sudden and never had these pains at work before, also my other fungal have came out of hibernation lately which seems to be in line with the extra pain. Could it be ? I am asking myself.

    • Ute

      Dear Gary, Thank you very much for coming to our website. Our page “Comments” is actually not the best way to ask us questions. Better to click “Contact us” or phone us. But since you are asking: It is very difficult to say if certain symptoms are caused by intestinal fungi. I will write you a separate email since I would like to tell you more than we want here in this section.
      I have seen people improving enormously after a candida therapy – others not so much. So it is exclusion. I always recommend to just check for candida, treat it if necessary and then see where you stand. I will email you later today. Best wishes, Ute

  33. Mike

    It’s clear that Ute cares about her clients and actually understands things from their perspective, the latter of which is uncommon in my experience with medical professionals. Very happy with the detailed letter I received alongside the results that was typed out word for word focusing on my issues and the next course of action. Everything was addressed. Highly recommend.

  34. Steve

    Really detailed personalised reply and information in regards to my test results, will definitely be coming back if I need more tests!

  35. Wendy

    Dear Ute,
    I doubt that you remember me but 2 years ago I wrote to you about me daughter E …. who was extremely unwell. We undertook some tests with you and both yourself and your partner corresponded with me. We managed to turn E …’s condition around and where the mainstream medical world would have left her on many medications with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue by adopting probiotic and gut healing diet all her symptoms resolved. I cannot thank you enough.
    I have since enrolled on a Diploma course with CNM in London and wondered if I could please share this link with my colleagues on the Biomedicine and Naturopathy and Nutrition Course?
    E … has had redeveloped refractory constipation again following a gastroenteritis and had a raised faecal calprotectin stool test with the NHS. So I will be ordering another stool test with your company and have recommended your company to all my colleagues.
    Kind regards, Wendy (full senders ID under page “Friendly bacteria”)

  36. Wendy W.

    Dear Ute,
    I doubt that you remember me but 2 years ago I wrote to you about me daughter E …. who was extremely unwell. We undertook some tests with you and both yourself and your partner corresponded with me. We managed to turn E …’s condition around and where the mainstream medical world would have left her on many medications with a diagnosis of chronic fatigue by adopting probiotic and gut healing diet all her symptoms resolved. I cannot thank you enough.
    I have since enrolled on a Diploma course with CNM in London and wondered if I could please share this link with my colleagues on the Biomedicine and Naturopathy and Nutrition Course?
    E … has had redeveloped refractory constipation again following a gastroenteritis and had a raised faecal calprotectin stool test with the NHS. So I will be ordering another stool test with your company and have recommended your company to all my colleagues.
    kind regards, Wendy

  37. Karen

    I am sorry but what you have sent me as test result and accompanying information is completely invalid and I, therefore, require a refund.
    After I sent the sample I began an anti-candida diet and enzymes to kill the candida. Since then, I have had an 90% drop in my symptoms so it was definitely candida. I also realised I had severe thrush which has also now gone with probiotic pessaries. ….
    Therefore, for you to declare I do not have candida is very problematic. I have had these symptoms for 25 years and I only made the changes necessary to kill candida so it was definitely that. ….
    Why nothing was detected when I clearly had a problem. …………..
    I am quite angry about this as misdiagnosing people can lead to them not being able to solve their health problems, possibly even killing them.
    (Text shortened by Candidatest)

    • Ute

      Dear Karen, I am very sorry that you are so disappointed about the all clear regarding candida. But as I have already written in my mail to you, not all symptoms which look like candida or thrush are caused by these fungi. This being the reason that we do microbiological testing to find the cause of symptoms and then devise the therapy accordingly. Unfortunately we cannot give a refund when the test results do not meet the expectations.
      I am also aware that we write rather in depth comments which can be quite a lot to read and to take in. So misunderstandings can happen.

  38. Sonia

    thanks you for the test and results!
    now we know what needs to be treated, no more doubts regarding candida.

    thanks again, I would definitely recommend your services.

  39. Stuart

    Dear Ute, sorry for the slow reply – its been a super-busy, super-positive few weeks.
    I wanted to thank you so much for the prompt, accurate, kind and highly personal way in which you wrote to me regarding my test results. All of these qualities were very much appreciated. I will also leave positive feedback via your website, but I wanted to say “thank you” personally first.
    warmly, Stuart (full name is known to Candidatest)

  40. Ute Allison

    Dear Ute, Thanks so much for your kind email & explaining…Really glad I decided to test & with your company. You’ve been an amazing help, thank you again. Very best wishes,Emma (Full name known to Candidatest)

  41. Antonia

    Thankyou so much Ute and the team for your amazing service! Extremely satisfied with the report and communication. Would definately recommend!

  42. Ute

    Hi Ute, Thank you once again for this very valuable information. I have literally never had anyone go into such detail and be able to offer advice on many levels. I will try the recommended test. There certainly seems to be a pattern so I will try a different enzyme product if these symptoms do not ease. I have been back and forth to many consultants and doctors and none of them have ever given me this much time or advice. It’s been a very stressful and frustrating journey as I have been dismissed by so many and not treated very kindly. I have certainly never spoken to anyone who has been so willing to share this kind of knowledge which is why I am ever so grateful for your time.
    Hopefully the outcome will be some good results of which I would like to share with you in the near future.
    Thank you again for taking the time. Kindest regards
    (Name is know to Candidatest..)

  43. Ute

    To Ute, Thanks so much for all of this information. A lot of the recommendations I have actually already tried but there are some I will be looking into. I will read through the rest of the information attached and can’t thank you enough for this very clear and precise response.
    It’s very helpful and is currently just a process of elimination for me. Again many thanks.
    (Name known to Candidatest)

  44. Ute

    Dear Ute,
    Thank you very much indeed for my lab results.
    The detailed comments contained in your letter are extremely valuable as they help me understand the results, and your recommendations are most appreciated. I am really glad I chose your company and your most comprehensive test as it provides me with clarity and eliminates several possible causes, especially candida and mould, which I was certain I had!
    I shall follow your recommendations and, in the meantime, would like to thank you once again for your excellent service.
    Best regards and best wishes, M.-L.
    (Sender known to Candidatest…)

  45. Evren

    Thankyou for such a professional service.The test results where explained in way which is easily understandable. Thankyou.

  46. Yuliya

    I had very positive experience with the laboratory and as mentioned by others the service was very professional and quick. Results were sent with a detailed explanation and suggested action plan. Highly recommend!

  47. Jacqui

    Fantastic customer service, much appreciated.

  48. Mark

    Great service – Ute is responsive to emails, and I also received a very detailed, personalised report of the lab results, along with several other documents about the various tests. Very comprehensive, with a summarised section at the end, and suggested plan actions. Highly professional and worth the cost.
    Thanks Ute.

  49. Rebecca

    Great service and Ute was really helpful pointed me in the right direction explained everything and was quick in getting results
    Thank you ?

  50. martin

    Ute was really excellent. The letter i received was really personalized and helpful. I had some follow up question and Ute provided very quick, helpful answers.

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